Why Choose Fibre Optic Cabling?

A fibre optic cable is made up of many tiny glass threads which are less than a tenth as thick as one strand of human hair! These microscopic strands are capable of transmitting messages that have been transformed into light waves. This fibre has many advantages over traditional cabling with the most important being the band width is much greater than normal metal cabling. There are 2 types of cabling: Single and Multimode.

The constantly changing IT sector and the demand for efficiency means data needs to be channelled around networks more effectively and quickly. These critically important improvements being made to efficiency and productivity are only being made possible by the widespread use of fibre optic cabling. The UK is at the beginning of a full fibre revolution developing a future proof infrastructure to create seamless connectivity for homes and businesses alike.

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line)

DSL uses copper telephone lines to transmit digital data. It is painfully slow with max download speeds of 20Mbps and max upload speeds of 2Mbps. DSL strangles the digital capabilities of all but the smallest businesses.

FTTC (Fibre-to-the-cabinet)

With FTTC, data runs at lightning speed through fibre until it reaches the street cabinet. Here it is translated into slow electrical signals passing across a copper cable into your building. Speeds are inconsistent, dropping at peak times, and will tend to max out at 80Mbps.

FTTP (Fibre-to-the-premises)

FTTP brings full fibre directly to your building. With no copper to slow data down, FTTP networks can easily run at gigabit speeds – that’s up to 1000Mbps and beyond – ideal for remote backups, data heavy cloud services and VoIP.

Fibre to The Premises

A full fibre installation will increase a businesses efficiency and productivity. It will support your business today but allow you to grow as your digital requirements keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital world. Without copper restricting the speed of the network, full fibre delivers every business limitless capacity to grow and expand.

Fibre to The Home

As Homes get connected they will gain access to the next generation, gigabit speed broadband services. With full fibre connectivity, homes across the UK will enjoy seamless connectivity across every device… even when they are all playing, streaming and downloading at the same time. With reliable access to the Cloud, Smart Homes will revolutionise the way people work and enjoy their leisure time.

Outside the Home the new fibre infrastructures will transform each region creating a more productive digital economy. Every one will benefit… schools, hospitals and businesses alike all boosting the local economy.
Spectral Networks are at the forefront of this digital revolution, installing fibre in both external and internal environments. We have experience of designing and installing the following types of fibre optic networks:

  • Fibre To The Home
  • Fibre To The Premises

  • Fibre To The Multi – Premises

  • Data Centres

  • Local Area Networks

  • Optical LAN’s

  • Telecoms Networks

This experience lets us support Digital & Internet service providers across the UK and in Africa to deploy fibre optic solutions in a cost effective professional manner.


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